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Uninterrupted updates about the comexmarket trading throughout the world.


The goal is to provide profitabletrading opportunities to individuals tradingin the global commodity markets.

How we Select Stock

Recommendation Perspective

Our team of technical analysts is equipped with exceptional technical and fundamental analytical skills. They keep a constant watch on all the ups and downs in the global markets and analyze macroeconomic factors religiously.

How we Select Stock

Stock Selection Methodology

• US crude and products inventories

• Global geopolitics

• Speculative buying and selling

• Weather conditions

• World macroeconomic factors, such as movement in the dollar and interest rate, and economic events.

• Expert technical analysis on charts of different time frames

• Active monitoring and back-testing of strategies

Key Features

   1 recommendation in a month on positionalbasis

   Balanced risk reward ratio based on market       conditions, usually 1:1

   Recommendations via SMS, email & app       notifications in real time

   Research reports & updates via email

   Dedicated relationship manager


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3 Month Rs. 45,000/- Subscribe
6 Month Rs. 65,000/- Subscribe
Yearly Rs. 1,10,000/- Subscribe
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Process of Selecting stocks

Key Stock Selection Characteristics

Highly liquid cross currency pairs

Strong trend-based trades

Available at the right entry point and exit point

Short execution time and trade duration.

Key Feature


Excelling in day trading is the ultimate holy grail for traders around the globe. Our team of technical analysts keeps an eye on the tick to tick price movements. Sound technical data points are considered to be the undoubted winners in day, we track the most voluminous stocks raring for a significant move up or down.

Featured Market Plans


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Creating event-based trading opportunities in gold and silver MCX..


Creating event-based trading opportunities in gold and silver MCX..

Featured Market Plans